History of our Winnipeg Security Firm

494 Security Services Inc. is a Winnipeg based provider for security needs, specializing in Retail Loss Prevention, Surveillance, Investigations, Security  Consulting, Uniform Security & close protection services.

A results oriented company, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of expertise in Retail Loss Prevention, Surveillance and Investigations as well as Uniformed Security Service.

494 Security Services also offers specialized services ranging from assessing political, physical and human security risks, and threats, countering internal and external attempts at theft of proprietary information and critical assets, protecting corporate executives and personnel traveling and working overseas, to facilitating logistical elements for your crucial business operations and providing contingency planning and personnel security and safety training.

494 Security Services Inc. takes a real-world, proactive approach to protecting and facilitating your business in the most cost-efficient and socially responsible manner.

494 Security Services | Protection is Key

Our Services

Loss Prevention

494 Security Services Inc. employs only the very best Retail Loss Prevention specialists available to us. Our Loss Prevention personnel are highly trained and experienced, and are as serious about protecting your assets and profits as you are!

All officers, regardless of experience, are heavily screened, and put through specialized training to ensure they meet our highest standards. We achieve results, and the results we achieve are measurable.

Statistics prove that one in every 11 people shoplift. 75% of them are adults, 25% are juveniles. Over 90% of shoplifters will purchase some items and steal others.  This tells us only 10% of the people who come in are there strictly to steal. What are you doing to protect your profits?

It has been proven for every dollar a company loses due to theft, they have to sell 10 times the amount to make up for the lost profit. More often than not this statistic is over looked.  Imagine if a mere $50 is stolen from your establishment each day? Over the course of the year you will need an additional $182,000 in sales to recover those losses.

Internal Investigation

494 Security Services Inc. offers specialized investigators, with the ability to provide a wide range of investigations, from internal theft of cash, product, or information, to suspected injury or disability fraud.  

We also provide accident investigations, as well as human rights complaints.

All investigators are certified in at least one recognized form of interviews and interrogation, and are heavily trained in detecting deception and statement analysis.  

Surveillance Investigation Services.

494 offers experienced investigators trained in both mobile, and static surveillance, as well as detecting counter surveillance.  Our investigators are equipped to handle all types of situations.



Is your business experiencing losses and you are not sure how they are occurring?  Or maybe you know you need security measures, but are unsure of what exactly it is you need.  

494 Security offers professional consulting where we will come in, and assess your physical and procedural security needs.  We rate and grade your current level of security based on a number of factors specific to your business.  

We will then work with you in implementing the physical security measures and procedures to the grade needed to optimize your profits and minimize your losses.

Close Protection

494 Security’s Executive Security Squad (ESS) provides customized security services for clients with unique and demanding security needs. Headed by a former Military Policemen, and member of the Canadian forces protection team, the ESS are a specially trained group of former military, police and highly trained security professionals, who provide close protection services for highly demanding clients with unusual risk profiles.  

It is imperative that the ESS be involved in the early stages to ensure even the most seemingly insignificant details are covered.  If you fail to plan then plan to fail. Please contact us for further details if you want to learn more about our ESS team and how their expertise can benefit you.

Since proper planning and team coordination are essential to our client’s safety, our Special Services Unit gets involved at an early stage to ensure that all security details are covered. If you are interested in learning more about how our SSU Team can help with your protection, please contact us for further details.